Walmart Divides Black Friday Deals into 3 Separate Events That Kick Off Online

Now Walmart will have in-store Black Friday sales, as said by them on Wednesday. This, in turn, is breaking them up into a three different sales events.

As on Wednesday, keeping in mind about all those shoppers who can’t take part in the Black Friday traditions, can do so now as they still have plans for in-store events, which feature deep discounts.

Keeping all these things in mind and following the SOPs, the holiday sales will be organized. At 5 a.m., all the local stores will be open. All the customers will stand in a queue before they enter. The number of people, who will go inside the store,is also limited. The shopping carts will be fully sanitized and then only be distributed to the customers. Moreover, there will be dubbed health ambassadors greeting all the shoppers who will be present in the queue to remind them that they have to put on their masks.

Even the company has confirmed that they’ll split up Black Friday in to three different holiday sales events, which will happen throughout November.

Moreover, Walmart is planning to take steps to discourage the increase in crowds and also to nudge some bargain hunters online. The three different events will begin on its website and soon after will hit the stores a few days later.

Curb-side pickups will also be provided, where the customers can pick up purchases at the store without stepping inside. “The company wants to deliver on low prices, convenience and safety – no matter how customers choose to shop”, said by Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer for Walmart U.S., Scott McCall.

He further said that they’ve been very thoughtful as they have planned this year’s event. By spreading deals out across multiple days and making out hottest deals available online, they expect the Black Friday experience in their stores to be safer and more manageable for both their customers and associates.

Walmart’s first Black Friday event will start in-store on Nov 7 and online on November 4. All the products like electronics, home products and toys will be included. The second event is focused fully on the electronic products, including smartphones, TVs, tablets, and computers along with other products from different merchandise categories, which will start online from November 11 while in-stores will start from November14. The third event will hit in stores on November 27, while online on November 25.

Some other major retailers like Target and Best Buy, including Walmart have tried a bit to encourage all their customers to start their holiday shopping earlier than usual by starting the sales event from October.

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