Top 5 Social Media Sites for Businesses

Growing businesses need to have a reach on social media platforms. For a company marketer or owner, this idea is more likely to be understood. You are already miles ahead of other CEOs when you recognize that social media marketing contributes to your company.  Here is the list of top 5 social media sites for businesses:


Facebook is the world’s most successful social network with over 2 billion users. As a result, if they have internet access, you can find just about everyone on Facebook. That means that nearly everyone in your client base has an account on Facebook, which is why it is a top corporate social networking platform.

Through creating a simple Facebook page, you may post behind-the-scenes looks at your company, new offers on your services, and more. Creating takes only a few minutes and once you upload some images, you can try to reach out to followers on Facebook. And you can also use your Facebook Page to showcase new content you have developed to get your website visitors.


Instagram is among the top social media platforms. This site initially began as a photo sharing site and still retains that as its central function. Moreover, it has extended to videos in a feature called “stories.” Therefore, Instagram has now become an excellent place for marketers to show their voice, values and products.


Pinterest is a platform where various visual content can be posted (or “pinned”) so that others can see. It can include anything like an infographic, which means that practically every organization on this social network can pick up at least part of their niche. It is one of the best platforms for promoting new visual content that you make, particularly if you maintain boards regularly.


Twitter has a good marketing plan with its character limit, giving everyone a voice while minimizing the “noise”. Celebrities, writers, businesses and even presidents use Twitter every day to exchange news articles, stories or funny anecdotes.

You can certainly find ways to access the platform when it comes to using Twitter for a business. Part of doing so is standing out from your rivals, engaging your audience regularly, and adding relevant content to all of your blogs.


None of the social network sites can beat LinkedIn when it comes to professionalism. It is a vibrant group of business owners and workers that communicates and interacts at a professional level that makes it much more formal than other social media sites. Hence, its users seem to react to B2B content better than B2C content.

In general, that means companies that seek business as customers have more success than companies that market directly to the consumer. Influencers and decision-makers are all over LinkedIn, so you can get another deal if you can bring your brand and your message to them.

Whether your business offers eCommerce delivery solutions or app development services, being active on social media sites is a great digital marketing platform for all kinds of businesses.

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