Top 5 Business Ideas That College Students Can Explore

Starting a business can be a perfect way of making a living and paying your way through education if you are doing it right. Or, if you’ve been inspired by several other great entrepreneurs that met with their co-founders and launched the next big fortune 500 company, then your call may be to start a business in university.

Writing Research Paper 

If you enjoy writing and have a skill in writing research articles, this college business idea could be ideal for you. You could simply set up a website in which other students from various universities around the country or state could submit requests for research reports along with work deposits. So, you could write the paper from your dormitory in comfort and charge a fee for the finishing work. 

Furniture Lending 

Many students around the world move to their dormitories with furniture built primarily for their new room. But they mostly end up throwing it out after a year or selling it at a lesser price as it usually doesn’t accommodate well with other places, and students don’t have time to sell the furniture. This means that the students or their parents were wasting a lot of money on custom furnishings. You can advertise online through Facebook or Instagram or Google to let everyone know about the service before they arrive at the school.

Language Transcript Service

You can start a transcription service if you are at a college or university abroad in a foreign country, where they speak different languages and you know both your home language and the mother tongue in that country.

By setting up a website that allows other people or companies to submit documents in one language, you will have an online job platform that you can do in your house. You will be able to work on it as they upload it to your website, translate the file to their needs, and then send it back via the portal and a fee will be paid.

Entrance Consultant

You could now be certified as a new college or university student to help others get admitted into the schools that you were admitted to while you were in high school. If you applied to and got into multiple schools, this will enhance your credibility.

You may set up a consulting service for wealthy people to coach their kids through the process of applying for and getting accepted to their school of choice for this business idea.

On-Campus Delivery

Several delivery services are established that deliver goods, packages, and food all over cities, but few services deliver goods across the campus. A professor could use a suit delivered to the lecture hall by the school dry cleaner. Or a bunch of students may need a lot of food supplied from the cafeteria to their dormitories. You can carry out the work that an eCommerce shipping solution does for online shopping portals.

That would also be another business concept for college students to continue with that would be low-cost.

Hope these ideas help you!

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