The Process of Ecommerce Logistics Explained 

If you have ever owned an Ecom business, you know how important logistics department is and what crucial role it plays. Ecommerce logistics India mainly involves the process of storing and shipping inventory management, picking, packing and shipping of online orders.

With so many packages being delivered around the globe, it is very crucial that the right package is received by the customer within the promised time period and logistics department takes care of that for the company.

Ecom Logistics handles all the processes in between collecting the article from the manufacturer to delivering it to the customers. Any mistake by logistics can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of the company.

5 Main Factors of Logistics from Cart to Customer

Earlier, when ecom was in its infancy, it was almost a straight-line business between the manufacturer and the consumer. However, now the scene has changed and a lot of factors have stepped in the game. As the reach of the business has also increased over time, these factors help in making the customer experience faster and smoother. The top 5 factors of Ecom businesses are-

  1. Suppliers

Suppliers or manufacturers are the ones that maintain the inventory of the products and help in fulfilment of all the orders. They manufacture and ship the product ordered by the customers and receive payment.

  1. Fulfilment Centres

These centres hold the products, build an inventory and maintain the warehouse in order to readily pick, pack and ship the product to the customer. These fulfilment centres can be leased or owned by the shopping store or an individual service provider. There are a lot of companies out there that provides warehousing services at nominal price.

  1. Distribution Hubs-

When you own a company that ships globally or has a bigger customer base, you’ll have to collaborate with a distribution company that distributes the products accordingly rather than storing all the products in a single inventory thus making the picking, packing and shipping process more time consuming and expensive.

  1. Sorting Facility

This facilityis only owned by ecom companies that usually deals with huge orders or bulk orders. Thus, they require a facility to sort the products in order to make the shipment process error-free and smooth.

  1. Carriers

Finally comes the carriers or shipping company. They play a very crucial role as they help in delivering the final product to the hands of the customer. There are a lot of shipping service providers available in the market. All have some great as well as ‘not so great’ features, so you have to compare each of them and decide for yourself which one will suit your company the best.

So, this was our list of top processes involved in Ecommerce logistics companies. They all play equally important role and all of them have the single aim of providing the best possible customer experience.

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