Mozilla Firefox: V79 Comes with a Year’s Worth of Updates

Firefox’s stable channel on Google Play Store has jumped from v68 to v79 with the latest update, encompassing almost a year’s value of updates in one go. The updated edition borrows the same code base from Firefox on Android beta versions and also pulls over the redesigned UI. All of the components have a comparatively modern design and also some great quality-of-life modifications. For instance, it is now possible to move the address bar to the bottom of the screen, which is an easier location for several users.

Mozilla Firefox comes under the most prominent alternatives to Google Chrome for mobile devices as well as desktops. In spite of rivalry with Chrome, Mozilla Corporation — the organization behind Firefox — has been dishing out various updates throughout the years to maintain the relevance of their desktop and mobile apps. After renovating the desktop browser, dubbed with its interim name “Firefox Quantum,” the firm had been toiling to boost the mobile browser — temporarily called Fenix — for approximately a year. The recent avatar has been made accessible in the Preview channel for a considerable time and is ultimately rolling into the stable channel with the update Firefox 79 for Android, but without one key feature.

The fresh Firefox browser for Android gives better performance as well as web compatibility according to Mozilla. Certain new features, such as Collections, improved tracking protection, and personalization options like support for dark mode.

The classic version of Firefox will no more receive updates, according to Mozilla. However, the browser itself shall not be disabled by any means. Users who depend on specific extensions or other features might disable automatic updates to proceed with using the classic version till the missing feature set is submitted in the new Firefox browser for Android; the drawback for this is that the app will not receive security or stability updates now, and that Mozilla won’t contribute support anymore either.

Mozilla has promised that it will publish missing features with “every major release”. You might want to check out the official upgrade FAQ for extra information.

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