Kenmore’s Citgo Sign Will Remain Illuminated

The Citgo sign has become a popular matter after the petroleum company finally arrived at an agreement with the new owners. The sign had been in question ever since the building was sold by Boston University to a New York-based company.

However, the fate of the signboard had remained in a stagnant position to keep it on the Beacon Street, its home since 1960s until Boston Mayor sewed both the parties together in a lucrative meeting, thus producing the deal. This agreement allows neither of the parties to take the credit for the fall of the antique landmark. This has also been approved by Related Beal president Kimberly Sherman Stamler.

Last autumn, the controversy arose in the form of a lease in which the new landlord had wanted to pay 10 times as much the original value claiming it to be way below the market price.

Citgo, as a result, launched a rally to support the sign by becoming the sponsor of the Boston Marathon. With this, the two parties agreed to extend their lease for another month keeping the deadline days before making it the backdoor of Boston’s famous sports and games at Fenway Park.

The Mayor brought both of them together and declared he wasn’t to leave the matter unattended, claimed an anonymous negotiator. The agreement was chanced upon only after eleven long hours of discussion and debate during snowstorms.

Walsh claimed – “The Citgo sign has become an important part of the community and I am delighted that both sides were able to agree on terms that will allow the sign to stay where it is.”Bottom of Form

It is yet to perceive how the deal would affect the landmark giving it more protection. The executive director of Boston Preservation Alliance, Greg Galer says – “It’s an icon of the city and there should be a solution. I’m optimistic this helps preserve it.”

Long before the existence of the parties, the Citgo sign has had its legacy. The sign also remains as a symbol of the uproar in the early 1980s.

Daniel Bluestone, an architecture history professor at the University, says -“It’s a landmark in the truest sense of the word,” Bluestone said. “It helps people know where they are.”

The new landlords acknowledge the facts by their statement, “We look forward to again collaborating with the City of Boston on plans for the redevelopment of Kenmore Square and to bringing increased economic activity, hundreds of jobs and a marquee office location to the area.

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