Facebook’s Business News Today in India

Being among the richest and most powerful companies that have changed the world digitally, Facebook now invests in Jio Digital in India. The internet tycoon has invested $5.7 billion, which is the most happening news in the world market. Facebook is expanding its business all over the world and getting things sorted very easily and taking over the world digitally.

This, being the hottest business news today in India, all the industries are waiting to see what happens next. What will be the next step by Jio or Facebook post-investment? People have assumed many things after this deal and many predictions are also being made about the company shares and future investment.

This is not the first time that Facebook has made such a big investment or deal with any company. Before this, there was the world’s biggest deal between Facebook and WhatsApp, which was around $19 billion out of which $4 billion was cash among the employees, $12 billion worth of shares, and an additional $3 billion from restricted stock units of Facebook. This deal had completely taken over the world’s media attention at that time and has surfaced again as business news today in India and people are digging information about overall Facebook investment till now in India and every other country in the world.

With a lot of research in this field, people have got to know that before this, Facebook had other small investments in India. Many companies have benefited from investment by Facebook so that they can grow and Facebook also gets some benefits out of it. Companies like Litle Eye Labs were funded by Facebook back in 2014, Byjus in 2016. Chan-Zuckerberg has invested in this company and this company has now become an MNC, which is ruling the online education provider market in India. There are many more companies that have investments from Facebook and all are doing good in their respective domains.

But the investment in Jio has spread like wildfire and almost every citizen of India knows about this investment and are looking forward to more such business news today in India. According to some claims, this investment was for the building of new digital India with 5G and other platforms, which can help India to boost digitally and excel.

This Investment has reached every corner of the country and all eyes of the world will be on India after this investment and the business news today in India will have the world’s interest in coming months and years.

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