5 Low-Investment Business Ideas for Women

If you are an aspiring woman who wants to be an entrepreneur but are not in a position to invest big, here are a few low-investment business ideas.

Seller on Online Marketplace

You can become a seller on online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart. Becoming an online seller is way easier and entails less investment as compared to offline medium. You don’t need to step out to get the work done or make a sale. There are a few categories in which women can effectively sell such as handicraft products and homemade artifacts. They can use their creative mind to customize products and easily get paid for the same. Selling on these online marketplaces is easy because of the supply chain. You just need to register as a seller and delivery will be done by them through a courier partner for eCommerce.

Cooking Classes

This business just needs a place for teaching and is a good idea to get known in the locality. With minimum investment, you can start earning just by teaching their recipes.If you want to grow your business, there are two ways: either expand to become a bigger teaching place with all the equipment or take your teaching to the digital world by making videos on YouTube to earn according to views, subscribers and create digital presence on social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook.

Fitness Trainer

You can easily start this business with zero investment.One of the fitness training courses with increase in trend is Yoga.Nowadays,more and more people are interested in learning yoga worldwide. You can easily start teaching yoga in the locality at a park or garden in morning. Also, there will be fewer work hours for this type of business;it’s just around 1-2 hours of teaching. With the training itself, you can also suggest diets and healthy food to your students.

Social Media Influencer

You just need social media knowledge and photography or video making skills to start this business. You can start earning as your social pages grow. Social media pages with high number of followers is a good place for companies to create brand awareness. You need to be specialised in a topic in order to become an influencer; it can be anything such as cooking, fashion, technology, cosmetics, handicrafts, sports etc. You need to stay up to date on the topic and follow new trends also; engage with the followers as brands are more likely to be associated with the influencers who engage their followers.

Enter the Fashion Industry

If you are interested in fashion industry, you can enter it too by a few ways.The first way is to open a boutique and start designing clothes.You will need a tailor, sewing machine and selling place for the same. The other is to take the business online by selling products on Facebook and Shopify. One more way is to become an influencer and suggest your followers what kind of dresses they should wear for different occasions and you can also do affiliate marketing in this way by referring products of some brands and earning commission.

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